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Have a Look at some of our work.

TVA Wilson-Roane arrester

This project focused on the Cumberland Plateau area down to Roane County.

Chattanooga EPB – EOI Lighting

EOI is proud to partner with EPB to provide LED street lighting for the City of Chattanooga and other areas of the EPB service territory.


Knoxville Utilities Board was looking for ways to make power more dependable both at the residential and commercial level.

Nova Tech Athens

Athens Utilities Board bought a SCADA system back in the early 2000’s. However, it was never fully deployed throughout their system.

Paris 69kv line with glass insulator

Paris is building their new 161kv-69kv Eagle Creek substation, that will serve as their second delivery point and give them the ability to continue their 69kv loop of their system.

Gibson EMC Transformer Dryout System

Gibson EMC has begun using Trojan online transformer drying to dry out several wet transformers.