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Products for Power since 1983

Founded in 1983, Utility Sales Agency is a manufacturer’s representative of products for electric utility companies in Tennessee and Kentucky. Our mission is to provide exceptional customer service while keeping abreast of the latest advances in technology so we can provide practical advice and promote efficiency in the use of the products we offer.

Service Areas

Utility Sales Agency supports all public and private power systems in Tennessee and Kentucky. It is something that sets us apart as we support the large Coops, Municipals, and Investor owned systems; along with the medium and small public power systems thoughout Tennessee and Kentucky.

Project Highlights

 TVA Wilson-Roane arrester

TVA Wilson-Roane arrester project. TVA added 500kv transmission line arresters on the Wilson – Roane 500kv line running from Wilson 500 to the Roane 500 station. TVA studies showed this line had multiple instances of lightning occurrences and it was chosen for their first 500kv transmission line arrester project. The project focused on the Cumberland Plateau area down to Roane County.

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Chattanooga EPB – EOI Lighting

EOI is proud to partner with EPB to provide LED street lighting for the City of Chattanooga and other areas of the EPB service territory. EOI went through a stringent evaluation by EPB and was thrilled to be selected. The challenge of providing a large quantity of fixtures to EPB and then their challenge to get all those fixtures in the air, in short amount of time was significant. However, EOI was able to provide fixtures almost as fast as EPB put them up. The whole project went off extremely well for both parties.

If you are looking at LED lighting for your system, please give us the opportunity to show what EOI can do for you.

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Knoxville Utilities Board was looking for ways to make power more dependable both at the residential and commercial level. For the commercial application they chose to use the Siemens Auto Transfer Scheme (ATO). This utilized two or more Siemens reclosers from separate sources providing power for a single facility or even an area where they could not afford to lose power. The transfer happens in less than 6 cycles or 100 ms to provide virtually un-interruptible power. At the residential level KUB has utilized Siemens reclosers in a Fault Location, Isolation, and Service Restoration (FLISR) scheme. Where numerous reclosers are deployed in a loop from multiple sources with a normally open point to locate the fault and isolate it and return power to as many customers as possible. Both projects use Siemens smart relays and 61850 protocol using both fiber and LTE cell network.

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Nova Tech Athens

Athens Utilities Board bought a SCADA system back in the early 2000’s.  However, it was never fully deployed throughout their system.

AUB recognized a need to get the other stations on line and was looking for a solution that might be easier and quicker to install and get information back from their IED’s already in the field. After talking to NovaTech about the Orion Platform and the ease of programing; they decided they would use the Orion as a gateway to the IED’s in their substations.  AUB started working with NovaTech in early 2013 to replace his existing data concentrators with Orion and add Orion where he did not have any communication with his other substations. At that time, they planned on running the NovaTech system in parallel with their existing SCADA system. Within a few years they realized they were trying to work with two different systems to achieve the same results. AUB then opted to remove the existing SCADA and go with a NovaTech solution for the entire SCADA system. NovaTech provided engineering support along with hands on training to get Athens up and running.  AUB now has all their substations reporting back to the headend Orion. THey also opted to have HDMI in his primary substations so he can see any part of their system from any substation. Athens now has a fully integrated, web based, SCADA system using the Orion Platform as RTU’s, Data Concentrators, and as the Headend at the office.

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Gibson EMC Transformer Dryout System

Gibson EMC has begun using Trojan online transformer drying to dry out several wet transformers. The process is really simple. You just connect the Trojan unit up to an energized transformer and leave it running for several weeks. Once that unit becomes dry, you just disconnect it and move it to your next wet transformer. The obvious benefit is you do not have to take an outage and roll in a big expensive rig. The key feature for the Trojan unit is that it dries its own filters every 24hrs. This keeps the filter and the oil in a constant non-equilibrium moisture state, which provides maximum moisture removal from the oil.

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Paris 69kv line with glass insulator

Paris is building their new 161kv-69kv Eagle Creek substation, that will serve as their second delivery point and give them the ability to continue their 69kv loop of their system. The 1.3 mile 69 line was built using Sediver glass insulators. The 161kv TVA tap that will be built to feed this station will also be constructed using Sediver glass insulators.

Contact us today and let us discuss the advantages of glass insulators for you system.

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